Chernechchyna Village
Sumy Oblast (region)



SUP-boarding is actively developing and becoming a favorite type of outdoor activity for many people
for various reasons. Some people like to spend time on the water, as they find it boring to lie on the
beach, others take SUP-surfing as a way to explore new terrain, for someone it is the best way to keep
fit, and for the rest it is just a help to calm down and distract from everyday hustle & bustle.

Moreover, SUP-boarding will certainly interest children, because it will provide them with an excellent opportunity to strengthen their body, to pump their muscles and just to have fun on the water. Children are always eager to discover something new, so SUP won’t be boring to them at all, there’s no doubt. And the time spent not only with fun, but with benefit as well, will certainly delight the parents. So, can this be compared to grueling workouts in the gym?

If you want to become stronger, slimmer, more enduring, and to have a positive world outlook, you
should definitely stand on a SUP-board to discover a new world of outdoor activities, health and
unforgettable impressions.

You can get all the information that interests you by the phone:

+38 (095) 818 70 22

The advantages of SUP-boarding:

- improving the cardiovascular system;
- getting rid of extra weight;
- training of all muscle groups (arms, legs, abs);
- training of the vestibular apparatus;
- improving the psychological state, relaxation;
- low risk of injury;
- no contraindications.